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Visa Extension

As we already know that the A1 English test is given by the candidates who are applying for a spouse visa for the first time now we need to know how to extend the visa. The A2 English test is given by candidates who have completed 2 years of stay in the UK and want to extend it. The candidate must have already completed the previous level of the CEFR. The rules and evaluation criteria of these exams are a little different than the basic levels. Here are some of the things that you should know about the spouse visa extension or further leave to remain:

More about the Spouse Visa Extension

For spouse visa extension the candidate must have passed the first level of the English test and completed the stay of 2 years in the UK. Once you are capable of clearing the A2 level of the English test you will be able to make conversations with your colleagues in the UK. According to the CEFR if the person has A2 level English they can easily communicate and will have no difficulties in normal conversations. They can understand other conversations and will be able to answer them.

How to Prepare for the Test?

Regular practice can make you an expert in any field you choose and the same applies here. There are a plethora of reading writing sample tests available online you can practice them regularly and get ready to clear the test. At the same time, you should improve your vocabulary and grammar so that it is beneficial when you want to build a command over the language. You should also know about the rules of the exams such as the test will be of 7 minutes and comprise of speaking and listening activities. You must be very good at conversation for this level of English test.

What Does the Rule Say?

The exam is open for all the genders, races, and age groups there are no restrictions for other language speakers too. 

  • You must register for the exams from a good center that will provide you with proper guidance for the exams.
  • You should attend the exam on the date registered by you. There is no exception whatsoever on any component of the exam. You have to attend both the listening and speaking test on the same day.
  • You will be given a sheet comprising of rules and you should read it carefully and abide by the rules.

These are some of the information that you should know before you take an A2 English test. It is better to know the pattern of exams to avoid any issues in the future. You can also select the center of your choice in the locality that you prefer. Make sure you choose the date properly and attend the exams on the same date. The registration is possible online so follow the steps recommended to apply for the test and clear it for the approval of your spouse visa extension.

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