How to Any AWS Certification While Working from Home

How to Get AWS Certification While Working from Home

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services, which is a type of cloud service from Amazon. It gives out services in the form of building blocks, which can be further used to create and develop various kinds of applications in the cloud. These building blocks are supposed to work together to create a worldlier and highly extensible range of applications.

AWS Certifications are becoming increasingly popular. It is an incredible way to better yourself and enhance your skills which would eventually help in building confidence in developing and designing applications in the cloud using AWS platform. It is also a way to prove your reliability to the companies. There’s an increase in demand for AWS Certification holder applicants in many companies. But AWS Certification exams are now available online, which is more comfortable and flexible. 

You can take the AWS exam online anytime best suitable for you at home. You’ll require a private space, webcam, a good internet connection and a peaceful place for keeping you focused on the exam. 

You’ll be given the same time as in the exam hall; all you must do use your computer to log in for the test. You’ll be communicating with an invigilator who will further monitor your entire exam session. It is suggested that you should schedule exams way before so that the time confirmed is well suitable for you. The availability of online invigilators is for seven days a week with flexible timing. Unfortunately, sometimes due to high demand, there might be some changes in your original appointment. Hence, it would be best if you always opted for the elections earlier on. Therefore you can take the exam in the form of online proctoring. 

The Requirements of Online Examination

  • You need to check if your computer and network are smooth enough to run a test with any disruption.
  • To schedule an exam, all you’ve to do is log in to your AWS account. 
  • You’ll need a good web camp for the proctor to be able to communicate and monitor you. 
  • Lastly, you need to log in to your account on the scheduled time of your exam.

The entire AWS certifications exam can be given online. 

The steps are for preparing for AWS certification exams at home:

  1. You can download the exam guide of the certification you are preparing for. You’ll have to read the exam guide entirely and have a complete understanding of the guide. 
  2. Before scheduling or booking an exam, you need enough time to prepare for it. Booking an exam might give you a motivational push to follow your study schedule and to be successful in it. 
  3. You can explore online forums, stay in contact with other candidates or experts of AWS certifications. It’ll give you motivation and be a huge help in solving your queries. 
  4. Understanding the theories are an essential part. You need to do the lab part after understanding the basic concepts. 
  5. The examination may not have the same or any similar questions from the mock or preparatory exams. 
  6. It would be best if you rechecked your answers to make sure that it doesn’t contain any error instead of submitting right away.
  7. You should read the questions carefully before answering them right away. 
  8. You’ll get the results of your exams right away. AWS even sends an email to let you know about your performance in different areas of the exam. 

There are several websites available online that contains resources regarding the different certifications of AWS. For example, if you’re aiming at preparing for AWS Certified Solutions Architect, these steps will be helpful such as:

  • You’ll have to be sure that you’re meeting all the requirements of the exam. Solutions Architect Certification requires you to have basic knowledge of cloud computing. 
  • You need to be aware of the courses included in the certification. The online courses by professionals can be quite helpful in learning from home. 
  • There is all total of five domains of AWS Certified Solutions Architect Certification exam. 
  • You can use flashcards for the final revision of the review. 

Hence, preparing and giving exams online has made it comfortable and easier for candidates. It is an incredible step for the candidates who cannot afford to visit test centres due to various reasons. 

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